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6 Days Okavango & Chobe

In the Okavango Delta, the symphony of nature surrounds you. Listen closely as the tranquil waters ripple softly, echoing the calls of exotic birds and the distant roar of lions. With each paddle stroke through the winding channels, the cool spray of water refreshes your skin, while the warmth of the sun kisses your cheeks, leaving a gentle tingle.

As night falls, the wilderness awakens in Chobe National Park. Under the blanket of stars, the crackle of a campfire dances in the air, accompanied by the tantalizing aroma of a traditional safari dinner. Savor the flavors of Africa as you indulge in a feast of grilled meats and savory dishes, accompanied by the rhythmic beat of traditional drums.



As the golden sun begins its slow descent over the vast African savannah, a symphony of senses awakens within you, heralding the start of your luxurious 6-day safari adventure. Stepping onto the soft, ochre-colored earth beneath your feet, you are immediately greeted by the earthy aroma of wild grasses and the faint hint of floral sweetness lingering in the air, carried by a gentle breeze.

The sound of the Okavango Delta whispers in the distance, a melodic harmony of rustling reeds and distant calls of native wildlife. The rhythmic beat of tribal drums echoes through the landscape, adding a sense of anticipation to the air, as if the wilderness itself is inviting you to explore its secrets.

As you settle into your opulent accommodations at andBeyond Xaranna Okavango Camp, the world around you transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors and textures. The luxurious tented suites blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, offering panoramic views of the shimmering delta waters and the lush greenery beyond.

In the evening, as darkness descends upon the camp, the flickering glow of lanterns illuminates the pathways, casting enchanting shadows on the canvas walls of your sanctuary. The crackling of a bonfire beckons you to gather under the star-studded sky, where tales of African folklore are shared over glasses of fine wine, and the warmth of newfound friendships fills the air.

The next leg of your journey leads you to andBeyond Chobe Under Canvas, nestled in the heart of the legendary Chobe National Park. Here, the rhythm of life pulses with the untamed energy of the wilderness. The air is alive with the rich aroma of wild sage and the earthy scent of ancient trees, while the distant roar of lions sends shivers down your spine.

As you embark on exhilarating game drives through the rugged terrain, each sense is heightened to its fullest extent. The sight of majestic elephants grazing in the golden light of dawn, the exhilarating scent of a fresh kill carried on the breeze, the exhilarating sound of a lion's roar reverberating through the night—all come together to create an immersive experience that will stay with you long after your journey comes to an end.

In this world of untamed beauty and boundless adventure, every moment is a sensory delight, inviting you to embrace the magic of the African wilderness with all your senses.


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